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We Have 9 Worldwide Locations to Choose From

Barbara Brennan School of Healing


Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Currently in our 42nd year, many of our alumni and students consider Barbara Brennan School of Healing to be the premiere school of energy healing and personal transformation.
If you would like to learn energy healing while also experiencing life changing personal transformation, then our school might be of interest to you. Our school teaches profound hands-on healing techniques to help you learn how to heal yourself and others. High sense perception skills awaken us to experience our life and reality from a more holistic perspective. Transformational exercises and practices reveal where our energy is blocked and limiting our point of view. As we transform our energy and our consciousness, we learn to live from a place that is inherently more whole, joyful and fulfilling.

Our Programs

Our programs are offered worldwide at 9 locations. In the US, we have locations in Florida, California, New York, and Minnesota. In Europe, we have locations in the UK and France. We also have locations in Japan, Australiasia, and Brazil. Many of our schools provide support in other languages. Use the arrows underneath the pictures to scroll through to view the other schools.  

Our program is designed for you to learn powerful healing techniques, high sense perception and transformational methodologies that can change your energy and your consciousness. Our program meets five times a year for 4 days and can be done either in-person or online or a combination of both. There is also one additional ½ day meeting between each class to serve as additional support.

Homework is done in between classes which serves to deepen and support your journey. Our program is designed so you can still lead a busy professional and/or family life. Whether you are looking to heal yourself or others as a professional healer, our program can change your life! We have programs located around the world!


  • Hear from our Students and Graduates

    The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) has changed my life. It was during the opening introduction during my first class at BBSH that I experienced a profound knowing that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. This school is an absolute miracle and blessing. I have experienced so much transformation up until this point, a year and a half into my study, and I am so excited to see where the road ahead takes me. The dedication, love and support of the teachers is incredible. Along this path, not only have I come into greater alignment with my heart and soul, but I have found my soul tribe, my family. I am and will continue to be forever grateful to everyone that's been apart of my journey home to self.

  • Hear from our Students and Graduates

    BBSH has been a huge blessing in my life. I have discovered parts of myself that I did not know existed, and more than ever before, I am living with purpose and authenticity. School has helped me improved my relationship to myself, my spouse, and my children. I cannot overstate the impact the program has had on me and the gratitude I feel for the teachers and staff.

  • Hear from our Students and Graduates

    "All healing is coming home to the Self" Barbara Brennan
    This quote by Barbara inspired me to come to the school. I have not only found "home" in my self/Self, but also with classmates who have become life-long friends. My longing to feel connected has manifest in unimaginable ways. This school literally changed the direction of my life and I am eternally grateful for this profoundly healing work.

  • Hear from our Students and Graduates

    I could write a book about last year experience and the school in Paris . What started out of curiosity and a quest to self became a deep transformation and a path of life. I am becoming more aware of who I am. Change is Never easy. I am very grateful to be on this journey.

  • Hear from our Students and Graduates

    The ASBIW year 2 program was so impressive and professional in my personal and professional life. I now have mental clarity, improved emotional and personal strength to stand in who I am and what I came to do in the world. I am growing, connecting and achieving goals I once thought we unimaginable and unattainable. I am coming out in life to be free whole human being, while knowing I am also a Divine Soul meant to create a life coming from a positive and effortless intention. Life is a beautiful and exciting journey to behold with is ups and downs and I am glad to be aware of the ride. The teaching staff is Phenomenal. They were all so kind, loving and patient holding the class with the utmost respect and integrity. I love this school and all the wonderful Leaders, Teachers and Friends ; it has blessed my life with.

Barbara Brennan Testimonials

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