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At the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center in Miami, Florida

About Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Florida

About Florida

Barbara Brennan School of Healing

CHOOSE FROM LOCATIONS ALL OVER THE WORLD. Each location will have their own unique experience, all while maintaining the same curriculum, educational opportunities, and quality teaching.

The 2023-24 Florida Resident Training portion of the program is held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center in Miami, Florida. The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel is just minutes from Miami International Airport and 45 minutes (30 miles) from Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. Miami Beach is approximately 20 minutes (12 miles) away. Additional logistical information will be provided upon request or enrollment.

During the Resident Training, the hotel becomes a wonderful, vital community that provides an invaluable support system for the students staying there. Because of the nature of the intensity and complexity of Resident Training, we strongly recommend that students stay on campus at the hotel for Resident Training.

4-Year Brennan Healing Science Programs

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing offers world-class training and education in Energy Healing and Human Consciousness, taught by leading experts in the field. Our programs are designed to empower individuals to heal themselves and others, and to create a more conscious and compassion world.

  • Professional Studies Diploma program in Florida

    Professional Studies Diploma

    Professional Studies Year 1

    Year 1 focuses on levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Human Energy Field. The spiritual purpose of Year 1 is to transform the relationship with the Self, and in doing so create a foundation for the next three years' work. This transformation is essential to becoming a professional healer. One cannot truly connect, know, or honor another until one connects, knows, and honors the Self. It is a wonderful year of opening to new horizons.

    Professional Studies Year 2

    Year 2 deepens the experience of the previous year by holding the spiritual purpose of the 4th level of the Human Energy Field, the relationship to others. The student is changing his/her relationships to other humans, non-humans, and non-physical beings. The work is extensive since it encompasses more lifetimes than this present one. The student's relationship to his/her self expands through many lifetimes. There is a new relationship to this planet, this universe, and additional dimensions or realms. A great deal of personal work is taken on by each student as he or she grapples with blocks to personal expression. Insight, self-responsibility, and compassion grow, along with hands-on experience of the 4th level.

    Professional Studies Year 3

    Year 3 focuses on the Hara line, which is the line of intention and the embrace of surrender. The hara line is a major energetic support for the shift in the student's commitment to his/her healer-ship. The spiritual purpose of this year is to deepen each student's awareness and experience to the Divine by studying the spiritual levels of the Human Energy Field—the 5th, 6th, and 7th—thereby setting the stage for the student's change in relationship to the spiritual world—Divine Will, Divine Love, and Divine Mind. It is a profound year, rich in exploration, which brings the student's understanding of self and the Divine into greater and greater communion.

    Professional Studies Year 4

    Year 4 focuses on the Hara and the Core Star levels. All the training of the previous years culminates in this year's spiritual purpose, which is to assist in the emergence and expression of the unique essence of each healer. The skills which are mastered require strength, centering, great love, and stamina. It is here that the student finds autonomy through focusing on their intentionality, being in their essence, and allowing that essence to more fully express itself in the world. Each student learns to integrate the work more fully into their daily lives, giving rise to a new relationship to one's life task and core essence. This final year offers itself in celebration as each student honors the completion of their four-year journey into Brennan Healing Science and their commitment to the community of the sacred human heart.

  • Bachelors of Science Degree Program in Florida

    Bachelors of Science Degree

    The Bachelor of Science degree is only offered at the main Florida school. BBSH is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education to offer a Bachelor of Science Degree in Brennan Healing Science.

    To earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Brennan Healing Science, students must complete Four-Year Brennan Healing Science Professional Studies Program as well as the following additional requirements:

    • Four Courses in Anatomy and Physiology
    • Nine Courses of General Education in the following areas: English, Science/Math, Social/Behavioral Sciences, and Humanities (all offered online)
  • Anatomy and Physiology

    Anatomy and Physiology I-IV

    A fundamental and comprehensive study in anatomy and physiology is an important aspect of learning about oneself as well as becoming a professional healer. Students learn hands-on healing techniques and skills for balancing and assisting the healing of specific organs and body systems. This allows the healer to deepen their High-Sense Perception as they tune into the energy consciousness of different organs and bodily systems. Additionally, the anatomy and physiology courses allow the students to begin practicing multi-dimensional healing.

    Year 3 has advanced healing skills relating to chakras and organs, therefore, Anatomy & Physiology for Healers (A&P I) must be completed prior to Year 3 of the academic training or the student must have prior A&P 1 credentialing.

Training Dates

2023–2024 Dates

  • October 26-29, 2023
  • December 14-17, 2023
  • February 15-18, 2024
  • April 18-21, 2024
  • June 20-23, 2024

A&P I meets two days following each training week.

A&P II & III meets one day following each training week.

A&P IV meets one day before each training week.

Summer A&P courses are offered every other year.

Resident Training for PS1-PS4 class weeks are four days (Thursdays-Sundays).

Depending upon the day, required courses begin sometime between 8am and 9am and continue until 5pm with a scheduled 1 to 1½ hour lunch everyday. There are a few evenings during the week where your attendance will be optional at a lecture or an event. These usually end between 8 and 8:30 pm.

Most schools offer an option for online training. Be sure to check with our enrollment advisor to confirm the online option for the school you plan to attend. We do recommend that at least some of the residential weeks are attended in person if at all possible.

Zoom Class Dates

2023–2024 Dates

  • November 11, 2023
  • January 13, 2024
  • March 16, 2024
  • April 6, 2024
  • May 11, 2024

The online zoom meeting between class weeks are ½ days meant to provide connection and community for our students between the resident training weeks. These ½ days are often used to practice healing science skills from the previous residential week or to learn new healing science skills that will be practiced in the following residential week.

Catalog image

Professional Studies/ Bachelor of Science

Our BBSH Catalog provides more detailed information about our program.

All programs require potential students to be 18 years or age and submit proof of high school diploma or GED completion or international equivalent. Please have your high school diploma or college transcript ready to attach when selecting the online application.

To fill out the application and pay online in a secure environment, please click on this link. If you have any difficulty in filling out this online form, please email [email protected] and we will email you the application to fill out manually.

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